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Again, lately, I rarely visit your posts due to time constraints and errors that I still experience. I’m sorry about that.

This is not a complaint. But with limited time experiencing errors is waste. I don’t blame anyone, also the admin, because I know that they have and always work hard for the comfort and smooth running of the users. I just feel uncomfortable if I can’t give the best support to my friends. And vice versa, feel very grateful and appreciate all the friends who gave the best dedication to this community, and great support for me.

Best regards.


What do you think?


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  1. My friend, we all are in the same shit-sometimes I can not report, and I do not believe in anything that can not be improved-today and with all this technique-I have the feeling of doing it intentionally

  2. I understand perfectly Albert. I do not often get errors or time out from Virily but when I do, I just give up for the day and then try again the next day. BTW how is Little Blue doing? I am sorry myself to not concentrate totally on you, but I just love cats…and dogs…and horses…and birds…and and…

    • Your point of view about it inspired me.

      Little Blue is fine. Now he eats very much and seems to always feel hungry. He also often playing fight with his mother.

      Ah… Your sorry is a similar feeling to the point of this post. I’m glad you paid much attention to animals.


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