Again, How did my life turn into a bad country song!

When things get stressed and I am at the end of my rope, this song seems to creep back into my mind. It is one from one of my favorite artists and song writers. It’s not a bad country song, it’s a great country song. Although country songs are known for heartbreak, drinking, and misery.

I guess I need a little more inspiration today. I sang all the way through this one and still my heart feels “troubled”. So more music is in order. It can hear or simple give the courage to step up and do what is best for everyone and not just for me.

So it time for me to do a reset and start this day over again. Everything is new and the page has turned. Yesterday is done and today is full of opportunities for me. I have been given this day and what I choose to do with it, is totally up to me!

So today is my reset. My goal is to look for the best in every situation that I deal with today. And at the end of the day I will lay it all down and end what is with this song.

It’s my perfect day to do what must be done. I will be singing all the way. (Off tune and at the top of my lungs I will march off to rest.)

As a final note, this is really the way I feel about music. I suppose the genre really doesn’t matter much to me. There is all sorts of good music. this the final concert? Never, because there will always be someone who will carry on the music. People come and go and still the music stays. Every journey has an end and then a new beginning starts elsewhere.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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