Advantages of Outsourcing SEO to an eCommerce SEO Reseller

: eCommerce is an emerging and competitive industry where thousands of sites compete to grab the attention of potential customers. Therefore, they require effective SEO strategies specific to eCommerce. It is where SEO reseller companies’ step-in. An SEO reseller company specializes in facilitating white-label services such as designer, developer, marketing agency, or content creators and focuses primarily on backlinks.

The SEO resellers help you offer your clients the SEO services crucial to them without hiring an in-house SEO team. They take care of search engine optimization while the business bears the fruit. The advantages of outsourcing eCommerce SEO in India go beyond promoting profit generation. The advantages are:

  • Focus on core-competency:
  • Search Engine Optimization is a complex process. As an eCommerce business, if you begin handling SEO on your own, you might end up wasting time searching for backlinks. The core of your business can take a back seat in such a case. Thus, by outsourcing SEO services to a professional reseller, you can focus on your core expertise.
  • Scalable Results:
  • SEO generation is process driven. The resellers have created processes to look for link building opportunities, creating content, and building editorial relationships. These processes help them offer your business scalable results whenever required. They can expand their offerings as and when required.
  • Work with niche experts:
  • SEO resellers generally have expertise in catering to customers across different niches. The can serve eCommerce clients and local search clients as well as implying more profits for you.
  • No need to invest in new relationships:
  • To cater to your niche customers, you might have to build relations with editors, content writers and web developers from the scratch. However, if you get a client from a new vertical, you might have to repeat the process. It would result in more investments. However, since SEO resellers work with different niches, they can help you get better rankings for the clients irrespective of the vertical.
  • On-Demand Services:
  • SEO resellers generally work on ‘on-demand’ business model. They do not have any subscription plan or contracts you need to pay for or enter to get SEO services. You generally pay for what you need and when you need it. It helps in reducing overhead costs and generate higher profits.
  • Reduces the cost of purchasing SEO Tools:
  • SEO tools are not inexpensive. Creating an in-house SEO team implies spending a handsome amount on purchasing these tools. It could have a serious toll over your operations cost if you are a sole-founder. By taking the help of professional SEO reseller, you can bypass the cost.

SEO could be a costly and complicated process if practiced in-house. Thus, with the help of eCommerce SEO reseller, you can cut down on the operation costs and concentrate on the company’s core function. The resellers help in generating extra profits while you focus on your core expertise.

Author’s Bio: The article enlists the core benefits of hiring an eCommerce SEO reseller. It highlights how outsourcing eCommerce SEO in India can help in profit maximization and good clientele.


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Written by Sanjay KC

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  1. SEO is really a complex process. Learning it may cost us more than having it outsourced. Very informative post. Thank you for sharing. I am thinking of learning it myself but if outsourcing can let me focus on the more important aspect, then that would be a wise decision to have.


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