Adult Coloring Book Preview: Kaleidoscope Patterns

Here is a video of the fifth adult coloring book that was put out by my sister and I a few weeks ago.  Now before someone says wait only one other video was put out here on Virily regarding these adult coloring books,  and that is Fashionable Women, so why is the fifth one of in the series being shown before three others before it.  Well, it’s because Kaleidoscope Patterns is the first one to actually sell.  That’s right, we sold a copy of this coloring book shortly after it went out online.  The irony though is if I were to have wagered this would never have been one of the five Adult Coloring Books I would have bet would be the first one to actually sell but it did, go figure.  Anyway, here is the video for Kaleidoscope Patterns, by the way how I don’t like the word Kaleidoscope but it was needed for this title, but not the easiest of words to constantly type that’s for sure. Anyway, the one that I would have said would have sold first would be the Adult Coloring book called Angels Amgon Us which will be the next video I will feature some time this week.  But still waiting on that one to sell, LOL.


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  1. I love adult coloring books. I have several and like coloring. I started coloring again when I worked as an Licensed Practical Nurse in a geriatric psychiatric unit doing relaxation activities and coloring other than music were the only activities that actually relaxed everyone to actually rest and sleep at night for the most part. I remember we also colored these pictures during the day and a few had an art show.

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