Addiction or vices!

Addiction or vices ?!

Well let’s talk a little about these things that we recognize or not, but they are part of our lives! Addiction can be a vice or not? For example, a coffee drinker or a regular alcohol drinker is considered vice or addiction? Coffee and cigarette day by day I find it addictive! Can you quit easily? Not! When you combine all of these and you do them day by day you can call them chicory! Another addiction is the game! Lucky or entertaining can create addiction! When you do it for gains then it gets worse! Combined all, coffee, cigarette, games and drink believe at one point is very dangerous for your life, both family and in your comfort! You can end up losing friends by abusing all this! In my opinion, everything is relevant! Let’s talk about casinos! In casinos all the time the light is obscure and the hours are missing because you do not know about the time spent there! You are served and everyone is nice to you! Why? Because you feel comfortable there and think what you do is good for you! Well, no! Never a Casino does something for you to win! We’ll talk about these things again! I look forward to your views on this topic! By #Lorso


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