Abavmuiza Cross Stone

In the Zlekas Parish of Latvia away into the woods, you’ll find an abandoned graveyard and there the Cross Stone. The area is near a village that is quiet and you can hear silence all around. This haunting place comes with a legend.

Like with many stories there are several versions. One of them is as follows:

A long time ago a child that had no distinct gender died. The child was buried in the village cemetery. It was unclear if this child had been killed or died of natural causes but the spirit was restless. After the burial, the villagers would wake up in the night to the sound of ceaseless screaming coming from the direction of the graveyard. A priest was called in to put a stop to this nightly horror and he ordered a stone with a carved cross to be put on the grave. However, the screaming did not stop, and finally, after 13 crosses were etched, deeply into the rock the screaming finally ceased.

Through many generations, people are fascinated with stories of haunting and often these stories get changed and things get added to them. It is thought that this might have all happened during a period of religious transition. Latvia and the other Baltic states were among the regions in Europe to welcome Christianization. Local mythology and some paganism survived in the countryside in Latvia until as late as the 17th century.

Photo of the stone


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