A Winter’s Interlude

A Winter’s Interlude .

These be my Red Eared Slider Turtles. The first 2 are, Harold and Gertrude, names came to me from a comedy act .

( ARTIST: Harold The Horny Toad (Ronnie Prophet). ) TOO FUNNY !!!

And the single one is, Baby.

No, not their baby, LOL .

Good thing here is, No winter walks for dogs or poo to pick up, OMG !!! LOL !!!, No Cat so no litter to change or smells, claw marks, etc.

Just change water and feed. Its fun talking to them, although their contribution to the conversation is only the excitement of the rapid splashing upon the water .

This usually means, Feed Me !!! LOL !!!

They are cool too !!! LOL !!!

” May this Winter’s Interlude , bring a joyful smile to you , and your Court, as you travel upon The Castle Grounds .”

A Winter’s Interlude .

A Winter’s Interlude . Part two .

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