A Wacky Way to Make a Point!


This is the final word. It’s the last time I am going to address the subject. If anyone asks again privately, I will refer them here. If anyone asks publically I will refer them here. If my grandchildren are reading and ask again I will refer them here. (I know it sounds redundent,  I am hoping it will finalize.)

The reason that I do so many polls is that my readers who come here from other sites can participate in polls. They cannot leave comments on this site, but they can take the polls.  They come and read other things as well and it helps everyone. That is why I do it.

Does this answer the question?

Does it make sense to you?


What do you think?

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  1. I made this comment: “Everyone has the freedom to write what he wants and is allowed! Just ignore these messages! Otherwise they will never end! I know what I’m saying! ”
    on this post 7 hours ago!
    Someone( I know how was) reported it. Have you seen this comment? Let me know, please! I sent you a PM.

  2. I don’t get why you’re asked why you mostly make polls. ?
    Yes, I guess your answer makes sense. I don’t have external readers as you do, so I usually make polls to either have clear data about opinions, or I do ’cause they attract more users compared to normal posts, therefore they make me more “money”. It’s probably how most members think, but not everyone has the same motives, of course.

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