A small happy family

Hello my friends. Today my daughter has a Doctor’s appointment for her newborn son and he’s is 7 days old today. The doctor said he’s a healthy baby boy and that she’s doing a very good job for being a first-time mother. The doctor also said that he’s losing a little bit of weight which I hope that is normal and that he needs to back to his birth weight other than that he’s healthy. I am so proud of my daughter she’s doing such a good job with her baby. Her boyfriend is a good father he’s doing a good job at being there by her side and taking care of the baby with her and he’s a very proud father. They are going to be getting married this coming October 31st so can’t wait till that they’re going to have a Halloween Theme wedding and the whole wedding party has to be dressed up in a Halloween costume in the bride and groom has to be you’re dressed up as Halloween bride and groom. I don’t know how that’s going to turn out with the Halloween theme wedding. I just get dressed up in a Halloween costume but as far as right now I hope that I’ll be thinner when October 31st comes around. Well, I guess that’s all for now until next time my friends. God bless you all.


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