A Really Hot Museum

You know me, I love writing about my hometown New York City. I just read about some other interesting museums in the city some of which I never heard of either. The reason for the heading is that this is about The New York City Fire Museum which is located in the Soho neighborhood in Manhattan. 

The museum tells the story of the FDNY since 1934. It is housed in the former firehouse of Engine Company No. 30. Today it has a vast collection of firefighting memorabilia that dates back to the 1600s. Among the highlights are ornate hand pumpers, a horse-drawn ladder wagon, and vintage FDNY uniforms. It also includes New York City’s first permanent memorial to the 343 FDNY members who died in the terror acts on September 11, 2001.
 Has anyone been to this museum? Can you imagine the days when firefighters rushed to the scene of a fire in horse-drawn wagons?

The video is amazing with horses drawing the wagons but before this, there were volunteers pulling equipment by hand!


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