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A Really Big Bang

Here is another wonderful memory from my life in Riga, Latvia. I present it to you just as I wrote it then about 6 years ago. It tells about what happened when we were making homemade apple wine.

 Right now my hubby is having a grand old time. We still have one apple tree full of apples. The other trees pretty much have dropped all of theirs. So every day my hubby picks up apples and then squeezes juice from them through his Jack LaLanne Power Juicer His process is to take the juice and fill it into 3-liter glass jars. Then he takes some of the juice and fills up a ten-liter glass jar and adds sugar and dry yeast and lets it ferment. After several weeks we have very delicious apple wine. Other juice he puts in 5-liter plastic jugs and lets it ferment from these we get sparkling, refreshing and delicious cider and of course, there is plenty of apple juice.

Anyway, about the big bang, I mentioned in the heading. Last evening I noticed a 5-liter jug in the corner of the room. Since we already heat our house and warm rooms can mean that the apple juice can get too fermented and become apple vinegar which of course serves its own purpose. Anyway, my hubby took the jug and it was hard to the touch and inside foaming. So he said we could have some good cider.

When he started opening up the cap it suddenly exploded and flew up into the air. We still haven’t found it. From inside the jug came wisps of smoke like in a heavy fog. So my hubby looked at me and he said look I’m pouring this into a cup and all that is coming out is smoke. Finally, we got to the cider and it was really sparking and good. Then I started laughing because this reminded me of a little boy in my grade school.

I believe we were in the third or fourth grade and even though I cannot remember the name of the boy I do remember that he always seemed a bit nervous. Whenever we were in our classroom and there was a loud noise or explosion from the street he would jump just a bit in his seat and say, “Oh, something went kablooey” just like our exploding cap.

In the photo are our apples. So remember if you squeeze fresh apple juice be careful how you store it because the stuff can be explosive.  


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