A powerlifter in Michigan called a hero for saving the life of a man

Mike Belcher who is a powerlifter who weighs 350 pounds which is mostly muscle who can lift 800 pound and squat 950 pounds was at the right place at the right time in Michigan last week when he was leaving his work when he witnessed an auto accident that involved a man who was trapped inside the auto as well as his female companion that required his help as well as the other persons who were in the area.

The name of the city where the accident happened was not mentioned in the report. The details were that when the man who was trapped inside the auto cried for help since his upper torso was trapped near a traffic sign and his lower torso was in the lower part of his auto needed the services of persons who were needed to lift the auto so he could get out safe and sound.

Mike worked with four other people by using his incredible strength to lift the auto off of the ground so the man who was trapped inside his auto as well as his female companion were able to get out of the damaged auto safe and sound before the ambulance arrived to take the couple to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries which are not life threatening to either party.

Mike did go to the local hospital to meet the man and woman that he saved from a tragic ending in an auto accident. Both the man and woman whose names were not released did thank Mike for using his super strength to save their lives.

Let this be a lesson that we should never mock persons who are either bodybuilders or weightlifters since we may need them to save our lives in times of need down the line.




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