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A Little Dismal

This was kind of interesting. One of my family members asked me if my time here was wasted during a few hours. So I kept track of the numbers and charted it. I can’t say that it was really very inspiring and motivating. They looked at the chart and said “What can you control?” 

“I can only control the things I do. I have nothing to do with the choices of others.”

Of course their suggestion was simply write more posts and share all of yours on social media for the next test period and see how the chart might change.

I am not sure if I should bother to follow their suggestion or not. I am really quite interested in your thoughts.

What do you think?

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  1. Have you ever wondered why you have so few comments? How many times have I commented on you, but very few times I got a refund on my post .. so I started you then just click without miniscule … I do this to you every day … what do you do to me? Have a nice day dear friend

    • Interesting because there is a day of the week with your name on it and on that day I go back through all your posts to make certain I have commented or replied to comments on your posts. I guess that doesn’t work for you, I’m sorry. Don’t worry, you can skip it all. I am clearly not worth any time or effort. Have a great day.

  2. I think Carol’s advice is the best. Although I do have good luck sharing on social media. I get frustrated with the lack of comments at times as well.

    But, I do agree that sharing more of your posts may move the needle.

  3. I have not had much luck with social media and this site. Many have complained in the past about the site being down when they click the link. When that happens it is hard to get many to come back. So I refrain from sharing any more.

    • While I agree with that, let’s be honest I have very little success here. Most of my success comes just because I am stubborn and keep writing. Very few people here actually have conversations with me. I suppose it is something I have done. Sometimes I wish someone would message me and let me know how I can improve. I guess I should never look at the numbers because it can be very disheartening. Perhaps it’s karma for things I have done in my life. Every day I ponder.

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