A Heavenly Reunion

I have always remembered this dream that I had after my dad died. The first dream is when he had died three months later. This is what happened. When my dad met me at these normal size doors that were gleaming and open to a grand room with a huge, red carpet down the center. There were many people walking and talking in this grand room. This room was bright airy and the sun just shown everywhere. I did not leave my dad’s side for the duration of the dream. I mainly walked and was quiet. I remembered that I saw a family relative as well and this was my Great Uncle George, when he was living he lived in the country on his farm and he was wearing his suspenders, jeans and flannel shirt that I will always remember. This shirt was a red plaid one. Uncle George came up to me and told me that “This is not your time you need to go back.” I did not want to leave and to this day I cannot wait till it is my time. This was the most beautiful place that I have ever seen.

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Written by 1Mark

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