A Heart of Spam

I don’t let my grandsons on the computer by themselves. Grandpa was in charge yesterday. He let them look at some of my writing. I am not  sure why he did it because generally he has no interest in what I write. However, being the boys they are, they found a comment and that needed explanation. The comment was about me writing “spammy” posts. Well Grandpa and the boys love spam. 

So they went searching through all my posts looking for a post on canned meat. It really did make me laugh. It also made me sad. Why said? Because the youngest one said “What did they mean by that?” And his older brother saw me cringe. So like the protector he is, this is what he told his brother. “It means that someone doesn’t understand the way Trenna looks at the world. Remember when we asked other grown ups to lay down so we couldn’t bury them in leaves they all said no.”


“Well Trenna is different and sometimes people don’t take the time to learn that her “different” is really really good.”

Yes, he is biased. Yes he is only nine. And yes he is my hero.

Grandpa lost his internet privileges!

 I can’t get rid of this video , but I like the song so enjoy it.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter