A Commercial Ruffled My Feathers

I am not normally offended by a commercial. Today was a very different scenario and I am I trying so hard to be calm cool and collected. (At least this helped me march and move around.) The commercial was about healthcare and a bill that had been passed. (I wish I could find a video to share).  I had no problem with the message of the commercial and the person expressing their opinion. 

I was totally offended by the background. There were specific religious items that relate to only one religion. So it gave the appearance that this one religious organization and backing her opinion. It upset me enough that I contacted that  religious organization and asked if they had a position and they said no.

I reached out to the television station that was airing the commercial and let them know of my concerns and research. I am interested to see if the commercial still runs. I believe it should be pulled or said”not sponsered by”.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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