A clock tower in Novi Sad, Serbia … 🇷🇸

At Bastion St. Louis at the Petrovaradin Fortress is situated in the clock tower, Clock tower, a tribute to the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa citizens of Novi Sad. The clock was made in Alsace in France and since the beginning of the 18th century, when it is set, is a kind of trademark of Petrovaradin and Novi Sad. An interesting fact is linked to this hour. Namely, with needles that show time role is replaced, so small the minute, a great hour. This is not a mistake masters, but was done very deliberately to sailors but also the population better able to see what time it is. At that time in Novi Sad for use of the hours charged and satarina. The dials are located on all four sides of the tower, and its diameter is two and a half meters. Inside the building can be found three large balls of 80 pounds triggering mechanism hours. The mechanism is wound manually, for which the charge Lajoš Mr. Lukac, who for almost 30 years does not allow the symbol of Novi Sad to stop working. Each shift shaft allows for one hour of work, a shaft can be turned only 33.5 times, which means that the clock needed cheer almost every day to stay fit. At the very top of the tower, the apple, is the pointer over the world and weather vane above which stands the heart, rather than the spear that is commonly found in similar buildings. Another interesting fact is related to the clock, and this is its accuracy. When it’s cold, it’s a few minutes, and when it’s hot in a hurry, which probably has to do with his great mechanism. Sat is due to these anomalies jokingly dubbed the “clock”. 


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