A big change

My mother was confined last February 22, 2019 in one of the public hospital here in Bicol Region, Philippines because during that time there is no available rooms in any of the private hospital. So, we took the offered room and I salute the management, the staff and the admin for the change. I used to had my OJT here wayback 2002 and 2013 and I can say that during that time, the sanitary and management was quite not good. If you knew someone especially well known official they will treat you VIP but now, that kind of treatment is gone.

I can say that the facilities has improved, the sanitation of the place is very well observed. The nurses are not like before that they shout at patients or they make face. The doctors are very friendly.

Just yesterday March 14, 2019, follow-up check up of my mother. The calling of patients is very organized, they have this step by step procedure to be done and the nurses are very accommodating. During her time for check up, the doctors who handled her were very concern of how she’s coping and of course the doctor who’s really in charge of her explained the result in her CT Scan and everything.

Thank you very much for the nice experience.


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