7 Strange Ways People Have Died

We are accustomed to some deaths due to their familiarity. We regard them as normal because of their frequent occurrence and the nature of the accident. However, some incidences of deaths leave us scratching our heads. How did he die? It can’t be the case! Well, this article will list 7strange ways people have died.

7. Swallowing a Toothpick

You might despise a toothpick due to its tiny size, but you’ll be amazed to learn there are a number of deaths which have resulted from swallowing a toothpick.

One such incident involved a man in his sixties from southern Sweden. He was eating pork when he swallowed a toothpick unknowingly. The following day, the man was taken to hospital due to difficulty in swallowing. At the emergency room, the doctors didn’t detect the toothpick which was stuck in the man’s esophagus.

Ten days later, the man was rushed to an emergency ward, in the same hospital, as a hole had formed in his windpipe and had developed serious infection. He died the next day in Vascular clinic, Malmo, due to multiple hemorrhage after the doctors had operated on him.

6. Water intoxication

When scientists remark we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, it doesn’t mean in one sitting. This rings true even when participating in drinking contests – don’t drink a lot of water at one-go. It might lead to your demise. It’s not only limited to water but also other drinks.

A 28-year-old woman died shortly after drinking over 7 liters of water non-stop in a drinking contest. Together with other contestants, they were competing for the prize of Nintendo Wii video game system.

The contest was organized by KDND FM Radio, controlled by Etercom Sacramento, based in California, USA. The theme of the contest was ‘Hold Your Wee for a Wii.’

After the contest, she requested her supervisors to permit her to head home as she complained of severe headache. A few hours later, she was found dead at her family’s home.

Why is water intoxication bad? Los Angeles Times states, “Overdrinking dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream causing the brain to swell and push against the skull. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, weakness and, in severe cases, seizures, comma and death.”

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5. Death by Watch

Sunandha Kumaritana, a queen consort of Siam (currently known as Thailand), together with her daughter drowned as people watched them. Their hands were tied, figuratively, for a law existed anyone who touched a queen would be sentenced to death. In this instance, they would have saved the pregnant queen and her daughter when the boat they were in capsized on their way to Summer Palace.

A guard who had instructed the onlookers not to save the queen and her daughter as stipulated in the law was later punished by the king. The guard was blamed for interpreting the law to extreme.

4. Dancing Death

In Mid-July 1518, Frau Troffea began to dance in the streets of Strassbourg. The onlookers clapped in rhythm with her dancing as they laughed. They thought she wouldn’t dance for long. But, she didn’t stop dancing. Something wasn’t right. She danced continuously for six days without rest.

In a week’s time, a hundred people were infected with the dancing madness. The authorities thought if they provided the dancers a stage to dance day and night the madness would wear off. “So guild halls were set aside for them to dance in, musicians were hired to play pipes and drums to keep them moving, and professional dancers were paid to keep them on their feet.” Instead of the situation improving, more and more people were joining the dancing wagon.

By the end of the month, an estimated 400 people were dancing uncontrollably. The weak in heart died after collapsing from the exhaustion that resulted from dancing uncontrollably. “At the height of the dancing mania, 15 residents were dying each day from strokes, heart attack, and sheer exhaustion,” states BBC.

The situation improved in early September of the same year.

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3. Selfie Deaths

The invention of front cameras in smartphones has revolutionized the way people take photos. Nowadays, there’s no need of asking a friend to take a photo of you with their digital cameras, their smartphones or yours. You can do it yourself.

Sadly, this invention has been misused by quite a few who are not conscious of their surrounding when they take selfies. Furthermore, some are hardy in taking selfies in dangerous places. Ironically, they capture their own deaths.

Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and Indraprastha Institute of Information conducted a study on this phenomenon – death by selfies. The study found out an estimated 127 people died from selfiekills from March 2014 to September 2016. India topped the number one slot with the highest number of selfie deaths.

2. The Sex Marathon Death

One disadvantage of a polygamous family is that the polygamist has to satisfy all his wives equally. If the man favors one wife over the others, it won’t go well with the rest of the women. This is what happened to a wealthy businessman from Nigeria.

Uroko Onoja was a husband of six wives. On this particular fateful day, Onoja left a bar in Ugbugbu, Ogbadbo at around three in the morning. He headed to his youngest wife’s bedroom. While engaging in sexual intercourse with his younger wife, the other wives stormed in the room carrying knives and sticks.

The women demanded that they too should be for, that is, he should fulfil their conjugal rights. He gave in to their demand but poor Onaja’s heart stopped beating before the fifth wife’s conjugal rights could be fulfilled.

1. Three Deaths Row

A poodle dog fell from a 13th floor balcony in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The dog hit a 75-yra-old woman, Marta Espina, on the head.Both the dog and the old lady died instantly.

An onlooker, a 46-year-old woman, Edith Sola, was hit by a bus as she stood at the edge of the crowd which had extended to the tarmacked road to witness the strange death.

A man, unidentified, who witnessed both the the deaths suffered a heart attack. He died in an ambulance as he was rushed to the hospital.


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