7 Green Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

While most of you may think that Valentine’s Day that expensive gifts are a way to show the depth of your love for your special one but, it’s all about giving sentimental gifts that can touch the right chords of the recipient. So, if your special someone who loves nature then, gifting him or her an eco-friendly gift will surely do the trick. Here are eight green gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that will surely be appreciated by your lover:

House Plants

House plants are one of the best eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts that will bring good health to your beloved. While some plants bring good luck to the nurturer, some bring good health by cleaning the polluted indoor air. So, show your love for your beloved by gifting him or her a potted house plant on Valentine’s Day.

Organic tea

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water and hence, for someone who loves tea and nature , a basket of organic tea will make the best Valentine gift for him or her. And, if you are aware about the healing benefits of organic tea, you will surely gift a eco-friendly organic tea hamper to your beloved because you always want him or her to be healthy. Don’t you?

Freshly-Picked Flowers

If your girlfriend loves flowers but won’t appreciate you if you gift her flowers that are grown with chemicals then, you can definitely switch to beautiful organic blooms that are grown on USDA certified organic farms or gardens. So, don’t go for flower arrangements that are kept fresh with chemicals for days. Instead grab a bouquet of freshly-picked organic flowers and make your lover feel special on this Valentine’s Day.

Organic Chocolates

After flowers, chocolates are the most popular Valentine gifts that are loved by almost every one. But, as you know chocolates are sourced from cocoa, which leads to deforestation. So, if you want your nature lover partner gorge on delicious chocolates without any guilt then, you can go ahead to gift him or her organic chocolates.

Eco-friendly cards

Greeting cards make the best gifts when it comes to expressing your love for your special one on Valentine’s Day. And, most of the Valentine Day greeting cards are made from virgin paper. So, speak your love out for your special ones with greeting cards that are made with recycled paper.

Eco-certified Wine

Organic or Eco-certified wines are made from organic grapes and therefore, has no sulphates added to it. Also, eco-friendly wines are cheaper than inorganic wines and are better in taste too. So, this Valentine’s Day gift a bottle of organic wine to your lover and infuse romance in your love life.

Eco-friendly Jewelries

Well if you are looking for a sustainable gift for this Valentine Day for your partner who finds joy in the beauty of nature then, gift her an eco-friendly jewelry that she will surely appreciate. There are eco-friendly bracelets, earrings, and a lot of other options to choose from. So, this Valentine’s Day show you love for your partner by gifting an eco-friendly jewelry.

So, if you want to see your lover happy this Valentine’s Day, gift him or her a green gift and make your Valentine thoughtful.


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