6 Subscription Boxes That Should Be on Your Radar

Subscription boxes seem to cover just about any niche you can think of these days, from food to beauty products and jewelry and everything in between. If you’ve never purchased a subscription box, there’s no better time to do so, and these six boxes are a cut above the rest. We’ve taken some of the year’s favorite boxes (which are well-loved by their customers) and combined them for one comprehensive list of the six subscription boxes that should be on your radar. Specializing in quality and excellent customer service, these boxes will make your first time buying a subscription box a memorable one. 

1. Dollar Shave Club 

Guys, you know full-well how expensive shaving can be. Razors cost an arm and a leg if you don’t want cheap ones, and shaving cream, aftershave, and the replacement cartridges add up over time to thousands of dollars each year. Who wants to pay that much just to shave their face?! If you’re sick of dropping hundreds every month on shaving accessories and equipment, it’s time to sign up for Dollar Shave Club

This grooming subscription box is perfect for guys of all ages and provides some pretty awesome grooming equipment and accessories each month for just $10 for a shave and shower starter set. That’s right; just ten dollars for a high-quality razor, shaving gel, shower gel, and more. It doesn’t get better than that! 

Best of all, Dollar Shave Club has an impressive customer service record, with a 4/5-star rating across most major rating platforms. Sign up today for a 15% discount on your first order. 

2. Hey Rowan

When it comes to earring subscription boxes, Hey Rowan is certainly a cut above the rest in terms of quality and versatility. An earring gift box makes the perfect gift for either yourself or a loved one, and each month, you’ll get hypoallergenic earrings delivered right to your door. You can choose your favorite plan, gold vermeil or sterling silver earrings, and the style you like most. 

Plans start at just $19 per month, which is incredibly affordable for high-quality jewelry. Try finding those prices at the local jewelry chain store! Hey Rowan is perfect for tween and teen girls who are sensitive to nickel-infused jewelry and parents who are tired of disappointing cheap jewelry at department stores. 

3. Book of the Month Club 

Book of the Month Club is a popular book subscription box that offers five books to choose from each month. If you’re an avid reader, BOTMC is the perfect subscription box for you. You’ll get to choose your favorite from the five books (or more than one, if you prefer) and it will be delivered to your door in an easily-recognizable blue box. 

You won’t get just any books with BOTMC, either. Each book is vetted by the experts at BOTMC so you’re only getting stories from the best authors and publications. Take away the worry of buying books at the store by signing up for a book subscription that you’ll love month after month. 

4. Owl Crate 

If you want something a little extra with your book subscription, Owl Crate offers goodies and collectibles in every box alongside your book choices. This is the perfect gift for a young adult or teenager, as the books are YA and written by some of the hottest YA authors today. Each box contains a book, 3-5 bookish items, and something from the author. 

This popular box is a favorite among YA fans of all ages, and for the price of just $29.99 + shipping, you can get started today. Books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and a book box is the best gift for the book lover in your life. 

5. Allure Beauty Box 

Subscription boxes actually started with beauty boxes, and the Allure Beauty Box is among the best of the best. This monthly makeup and beauty box offers some great makeup and other accessories for the beauty and fashion lover in your life. Or, you can sign up for yourself and expand your makeup and accessory collection! 

6. Hello Fresh 

Hello Fresh is the #1 food subscription box in the country. Each meal is pre-packaged and prepared, so all you need to do is crack open your box and get cooking! Meal subscription boxes make preparing weekly nutritious meals easier than ever for busy families. You can choose from low-calorie, vegetarian, family-friendly, or meat and veggie boxes. There’s an option for every taste. 

You can purchase up to four recipes per week, and your box is delivered one the same day each week. The ice packs keep your meals cool until you pick them up, so you won’t have to worry about your food spoiling. Hello Fresh starts at around $40/week for one person. 


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