6 Items Extreme Couponers Should Never Pay For

It is possible to save money on a month’s supply of groceries through couponing. However, not many people embrace the idea because of how much time investment it needs. What if becoming a full-time couponer could mean you never have to pay for some items?

Extreme couponers know this secret and it is time you got wind of it. You do not need to always have money to restock on your favorite household items. Coupon codes carry lucrative discounts that could have you paying half, or less, for a full supply of groceries and other goods.

To start you off, here is a list of 6 things you should never pay for if you can redeem them with coupons.


A lot of things in life are free and that includes your breakfast. A lot of people don’t have breakfast because they lead a busy life or just feel getting something healthy to eat in the morning is expensive. However, what if you could stock up with a box of cereals for absolutely nothing?

Cereals are among the many things that go on sale at the grocery stores. You should get good deals on holidays or when the school season is about to start. Multiple coupons can be used to redeem a month’s supply of cereals for your family.

Still, on breakfast, couponers should never pay for coffee as well. You spend so much a month on that morning latte you always get at the coffee shop. Instead, why not redeem promo coupons on a bag of your favorite brew? For instance, if the bag goes for $6 and you have two coupons for $3 and $1 each, stack them up and you knock $4 off allowing you to buy your coffee for only $2. That’s clever, right?

Here is another fun fact: towards the end of Fall, it gets colder, which means people will start taking more hot beverages. This is a great time to hunt for coupon deals for coffee, tea, and cocoa.


We snack all the time; on the subway, at the office or while taking a stroll on the pack. On those days that you do not feel like baking your own snacks, get them for less using coupons. Popular condiments you can redeem with coupons include crackers, cookies, and candy. Coupon deals on snacks often show up around holidays like Halloween and Christmas.

Canned Food

Redeem coupon codes on canned food and enjoy an endless supply of soup this season. Fall and winter are the best time to hunt for bigger coupon discounts on canned soup. Here is another advantage: canned products stay fresh for longer periods. This means you will be well stocked for soup this Christmas and early January.

Frozen foods

Frozen foods are great when you want to whip up an easy meal. Stores don’t usually put out coupons for premium frozen foods, so you will have to dig a bit deeper. Include online coupon websites when hunting for frozen food coupons. You just might land a deal for your favorite healthy cuisine and start stocking up.


Shampoo, after-shave, lotions, scented soaps, and fresheners constantly show up on daily or even weekly coupon deals. Why should you pay hard cash for toothpaste or a toothbrush when you can get it dirt-cheap or absolutely free? And because Christmas is near, it will be the best time to pamper yourself to some nice toiletries at a bargain. Get the best deals to last your family until Spring.

Dairy Products

You need milk for your cereals and coffee. Dairy products will be on high demand especially during winter. What’s more, it is possible to win coupon deals for top dairy brands. If you can get 10 for 10 on your favorite yogurt brand, then Christmas definitely came early.
While it’s noble to always budget for food, it is another level of wisdom if you can get the same groceries for absolutely nothing. Become an extreme couponer today by hunting for crazy deals on your favorite home products.


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Written by Virily Editor