5 Powerful Networking Tips For Law Students To Become Successful

Law is an interesting field as it requires people to possess a variety of skills to become successful. An aspirant needs to be hardworking and laborious to complete the course with flying colors. At the same time, she needs to be an excellent communicator who has the ability to put forth a point strongly. Attorneys also need to be effective networkers so that they can get new clients and help resolve problems faced by existing ones. In this article, we are presenting some networking tips for law students so that they can start sharpening their skills while they are in school. Today’s digital age has opened up new avenues for legal practitioners. Apart from starting a practice, they can also join online platforms like a legal referral network. However, they will be able to become a part of such forums only if they are strong networkers. Let’s see how you can polish your networking skills and make a career as a top lawyer.

1. Connect With Lawyers While You Are In School

Most people start making connections to further their professional careers only after they start working. You must start early and try to build links while you are at law school. In case, you know any attorneys, make sure that you meet them regularly. This will help you in building a relationship with them that can come in handy in the future. If you do not know any attorneys, then you can ask your friends and acquaintances for referrals. Request the person to introduce you to the professional. You can use an e-mail to get yourself introduced and start communication with the lawyer.

2. Join Forums That Provide You An Opportunity To Meet Lawyers

It is common for lawyers to join forums or groups that are related to their profession, practice area or the industry they serve. Students can take a leaf out of their book and join platforms that will provide them with an opportunity to meet attorneys. They can become a part of law society committees or choose elective subjects that will give them a chance to work with legal practitioners. The idea is to join a group that will help you get in touch with practicing lawyers. Building a connection on such platforms is easy and you do not have to make any special efforts to interact with the professionals.

3. Try Cold Calling To Meet With Professionals

In case, you are finding it difficult to find lawyers by the ideas discussed in the above two points, then you can try a marketing strategy. Salespersons use cold calling to connect with potential customers and while the tactic can be time-consuming, it has the potential to pay good dividends. You can use the internet and professional social networks like LinkedIn to know about lawyers near you. There is also the option of using other platforms to find attorneys. Once you have identified a few professionals, send them emails expressing your desire to meet them and learn about their experiences. Attorneys are busy people and it may happen that you do not get a favorable response at first. However, you must not feel discouraged and persist until you start receiving suitable replies. This is one of the most important networking tips for law students as it will help you let go of reticence by introducing yourself to complete strangers. In case, you can successfully pursue this strategy, it will boost your confidence and enhance your personality.

4. Always Thank People For Their Time

It is natural for students to feel reluctant in approaching an experienced professional because they feel that they are not capable of offering anything of value in return. However, most lawyers do not expect anything in return from aspirants. They like the idea of sharing their knowledge and experiences with a novice and learning how courses are taught nowadays. Moreover, everyone likes an individual with good manners. Never forget to thank professionals for their time after the meeting is over. Be polite and if you need to disagree, then do so in a respectful manner. After all, who knows better than a lawyer the importance of having an effective counterpoint.

5. Follow Up To Schedule Another Meeting

It is important to have regular interactions in order to foster a relationship. Make sure to follow up with the professionals through e-mails. Thank them for the previous meeting and ask some questions related to your discussions. This will lay the ground for scheduling another meeting in the future. In case, the professional had given you a referral to another person, then you must thank them for the introduction. You can mention that the other individual was helpful. These interactions will help you in strengthening your connection with the professional.


Building connections is important for growing your legal practice and becoming successful. You can use the networking tips for law students discussed here to build your own strategy for meeting new people and developing relationships with them.

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