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5 facts about the human brain

1. When women do a complex tasks they use both sides of the brain, while men tend to use only that side of the brain which is better adapted for doing that specific task.

2. The carbohydrates play a big role in the fuction of the brain. The glucose is the only food for the brain which makes it the most starving organ in your body. It’s weight is only 2% of the whole body’s weight, however it needs about 20% of the glucose stocks which gets it form the carbohydrates we consume. 

3. Have you ever wodered why do some people get affraid by scary movies? That’s because while watching somebody doing something, we do the same inside our brain. The same thing happens when we see someone showing his feelings, to be more precise, when we watch someone being affraid, we get affraid just like him. 

4. If you are fluent in at least two languages since the early ages of your life, this improves the cognitive abilities and it could even save you from dementia or other similar illneses. Being fluent in more than one language creates  more connection between the nerves, which is a positive thing. 

5. When you experience a “deja vu” situation, the only possible and rellevant explanation is that you’ve already experienced such situation in the past, even though you are not sure of it or you cannot remember it. That’s why you have a familiar feelings, familiar experience, but you have no idea how come.


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