4 Ways to Earn Remotely During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is really a vehement blow on the global economy, especially on the first world economy. Some economists have commented that the world is never going to get back to the economy which was before 2020. The pandemic will make us rebuild our economy with an entirely different structure. But it will take a long time to get sure about the new shape.

Meanwhile, people cannot sit back idly. The pressure is rapidly building on online jobs and various other online earning sources. Maybe this is one of the changing shapes of the new global economy.

Let’s talk about some of the ways that would allow you to earn remotely.

1. Print on Demand

Print on demand is a certain type of business where copies of a book or other documents are printed only after an order has been received.this allows you to print only a single copy or a small amount of the book or documents.

Shortly after this money-saving technique was introduced it quickly spread out of books and printable documents. Now you can do it with other products as well like t-shirts, aprons or children’s clothing.

So, now It is a form of online selling where you are able to white label, i.e., customize a limited range of products.

What you do is that you supply the designs and give the products a custom look. Then you add that to your Shopify store. When a customer chooses your customized beach towel, you go to Printful to process the order and they send the towel to your customer.

The benefit is that you don’t have to buy the inventory for those customized products upfront. Instead, you only order a customized product to send to your customer after your customer has made the sale. You don’t even touch any of this customized inventory and the supplier of the customized stuff sends it straight to your customer.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The whole internet world seems to be shaking with the buzz of affiliate marketing. It’s so simple. You promote the product of other people or companies and earn a commission. 

Though it’s not that simple and easy and you have to employ a lot of your time, labor, talent, and sometimes money to become a successful affiliate.

A blog post on Inbound Closing by NoBSIMReviews has more on this process.

3. Online Teaching

There are a number of websites where you can offer courses. The market is thriving and changing rapidly and anytime you can find a better performing and better offering site. Right now the best performing ones are:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Thinkific
  • Youtube
  • Teachable

You can also take advantage of Amazon Kindle, Draft2Digital, or Instagram Spark to publish your own book and get some extra money.

Let’s describe the first three in short because these are quite enough for you to start. 


It is most probably the largest online marketplace that offers courses. You can create your own courses there and set the price for the classes. You get 50% of the revenue you earn and the other half goes to their account. If not exclusive or extraordinary, the classes sell for $9.99. Thus if you can sell 100 classes you earn near about $500.

They don’t charge anything for your registration or fee to get started.


This is another great marketplace and is rapidly growing every day. This is because it’s a subscription-based model. Students pay $10 a month and can access all the courses and videos there round the year. And you get paid for every minute of ‘video watched’ by the students.

Currently, you can earn $.06 for every minute. This rate changes over time and Skillshare determines the new rate. So this is where you feel that you need to create quality videos to survive in the hard competitive market. 

Like Udemy here you don’t have to pay for your entry or for posting classes.

Being a relatively more relaxed marketplace, many people are just making quality videos and posing them just to be paid on every second week of the following month.


This is a self-hosted course delivery platform. Here you have the complete freedom to publish everything you want and you are on your own. From uploading videos to marketing, from customizing the website to adding downloadable materials, and setting prices for your courses— everything is done by you. 

The interesting part of this platform is that the packages start from $0.00/month to anything like a minimum of $49/month.

The only possible problem you would find here is that if you don’t have a lot of followers you can hardly make money from here since this site does not take any responsibility to get you, viewers.

4. The Gig

A very reasonable way to start your earning on a small scale is to earn from your gigs.

Gigs are any service that you offer to sell (well, from the purely economic perspective, you don’t sell products, you sell service). This is the online version of the labor market where people visit with their queries of certain services they need. If your gigs and conditions (such as rate per gig) match with their requirements they buy your service or product. 

Fiverr is the best place to display your gigs and tagged prices. The lower the price the higher the chance that people will choose you.

The field is vast and full of varieties. You can display almost anything like photoshop jobs, business cards, logo design, WordPress support, video editing (powerful and engaging video intro with your logo and other official information), graphic design, and more like them. All you need is to have real skills on anything that people often take help of.

Instead of beating and getting interviewed by the buyers in sites like Upwork or Freelancers you just upload your gig, tag your desired price and people will find you.

The only problem is that the existing gig holders of the general level are getting too cheap and if you are not exceptionally skillful you need to be canny enough to keep your tagged price low.

Let’s clarify that Fiverr is not the only one that deals with gigs. There are PeoplePerHour and other similar sites.

Final Words

There are more like the ones we have described here. The bottom line is that you have to be earnest, hardworking, and focused on whatever job you choose and finally consistent to really get some financial support out of them.


What do you think?


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