4 Reasons Why You Should Talk To An Attorney First

You can’t predict the future and life is full of surprises. Most of the time it is good, but sometimes it is awfully bad. A survey conducted in 2018 revealed that Americans typical experience what they consider “bad day” 60 times per year. It ranges from as simple as having sleepless nights, stressful day at work, financial stressors, accidents,  and even legal trouble. Some of these stressors can be personally dealt with, but when legal matters arise, you need the expertise of an attorney.

The legal system works but it is pretty complicated. It is established to protect our rights and foster the truth, but when you try to navigate the system on your own, you might have a hard time defending yourself or exercising your right. Whether you are involved in a criminal or civil case, it is important to have a lawyer pave the way of justice for you. They are much more familiar with the ins and outs of the system and can help you fully understand the extent of the law, and how the system can protect you.

Here are a four reason where you need to talk to an attorney before you do anything.

Animal Attacks

Around 68 percent or 85 million American families own a pet. Obviously, two animals dominate the pet scene, dogs and cats. There are over 90 million dogs living among families while 94 million cats are pets. With that astounding number, it is inevitable that some incidents like bites, can happen. Animal bites can inflict significant damage to a person, some even cause death.

Dogs, the most common household pet, recorded about 4.5 million incidents of biting. Around 20 percent of these incidents required medical attention even reconstructive surgery, while 3 to 18 percent lead to infections.

Children are the most vulnerable and often involved in these incidents. Home insurance may cover these types of cases, but talking to a lawyer before submitting a claim could save you thousands. Some insurance providers only cover medical expenses, but when an injury occurs there may be more pain that isn’t physically seen. Emotional injury is very real and should be compensated just like any other visible injury.


Sadly, around 40 to 50 marriages in the US ended in divorce. Having a divorce is a physically and mentally stressful situation. Talking to a lawyer can make the discussions involved in the divorce go more smoothly, especially when you are not having an uncontested divorce.

A divorce can most likely become complicated when assets, financial issues, and child custody arises. Once finalized, the divorce papers are binding, meaning it is absolute, final and lasting; going back to the court is the only way to change it. Missing even a single detail can result in a whole lot of complications moving forward with your life. Talking to a lawyer can help you justify, mitigate, and negotiate details, hence saving you from another mistake in your life.

Driving Under The Influence

According to statistics by the FBI, around 1.4 million drivers committed and were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. DUIs may be common but the charges filed against an individual are serious and tough. It could lead to jail time, bury you with a hefty fine, and worse revoke your license for life. Having a driver’s license is considered a privilege and not a right. Talking to a lawyer about these kinds of cases may help you reduce the severity of the charge. Going to court without an attorney is like accepting the maximum penalty at hand.

Will and Testament

Family is the basic unit of our society. It is built by trust, blood, and love. But sometimes, when property, money, and other assets are involved the saying “blood is thicker than water” becomes null and void. Will and testaments are legal papers that state an individuals final say or wish regarding his or her possessions and how dependents will share. Other important details to include are:

  • Guardianship
  • Real Estate Property
  • Life Insurance

When you are writing your last will and testament, a lawyer will help you make sure it stands up legally and protect your life’s investments.

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