4 Key Features of an Automated Onboarding Portal

The onboarding process of a new employee can be long and tedious for the hiring manager and candidate as well. The traditional method of onboarding is time-consuming and increases the chances of human error while decreasing the employees’ satisfaction even before the job begins. In fact, traditional onboarding can be depressing; the employees will come in on the first day excited, while they are introduced awkwardly to the new team, shown their desk, and given the hint that they are free to ask questions if they have any doubt, but this strategy has flaws. This is where an automated onboarding process shows a sign of relief as it saves time on operational management for the HR department, and help the applicants by engaging, encouraging, and helping them develop the skills needed for their success. That’s why these online onboarding solutions make the entire process easier for both sides.

Now let us look at some key features of an automated onboarding portal:

Candidates Can Submit Personal Information with Complete Control

The manager usually sends an automated email to the applicants to sign up; they can create a log in password, sign in, and enter all the information at their discretion. This helps the applicant to remain in control of his personal information that he is sharing with the employer, and the manager can gather the required employee information without any security breach.

Helps Keep a Track of the Applicant Activity

Manually gathering data and information can be time-consuming and lengthen the process of onboarding. While online onboarding portal gives secure access to applicants to fill out their information and allows managers to track the applicants’ activity from the system. This way, the manager can guide if the applicants need help and can notify if there are any errors.

Verify the Checklist

Once the applicants provide all the necessary details through the portal, the manager can check the data and review the information using his checklist. The details are only visible to the manager, and he/she will update the status after each step. Once the checklist is completed and all the information is verified, the employee is officially hired.

The Employee Will be Ready to Start from the First Day

Through this automated solution, the employee will have all the information required before starting the first day. For the new employees, knowing what to expect and being prepared will help them strive towards success. The manager will also be able to provide details on security access, timesheet access, computer password, and email account set up.

Automating the onboarding portal and ensuring that the process is complete before the employee joins will build trust and confidence for them, and help the company to work on the other side of the hiring process to make it more feasible.

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