365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 46: A Day in Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

After a cold windy evening on Mount Scott, I was very excited about the next day’s shoot. My plan was to get up at 5:30 and watch the blood moon rise from Mount Scott, shoot the park and than head home mid afternoon.

The trip didn’t go as expected. I ended up breaking my camera. The shutter assembly was stuck closed and the next day would depend on my iPhone for the shoot. I ended up going to a casino the night before, staying longer than I should have and sleeping in for the morning.

You have to be flexible with plans. I could’ve had a miserable time being aggravated about my camera, I fought the feeling and forced myself to be in the moment.

I sat on Mount Scott, the blood moon long since gone from the sky and I just enjoyed the scenery. The wind was violent with constant gusts, especially on the top of the mountain. I found myself a warm spot in between golden rocks covered in yellow lichen, I stopped and enjoyed being on the top of the world, okay at least Oklahoma.

After coming down from Mount Scott, I found a beautiful lake to sit beside and relaxed for a good thirty minutes. The blue of the water was the most incredible hue and I will have a painting of it soon to come, in fact the whole trip will be a series of paintings.

It is so easy to rush through beautiful scenery with a purpose. Not having my camera forced me to enjoy each moment. I listened to the nearby birds, watched a couple of longhorns that kept a constant watch on me from the pasture nearby.

It is an amazing feeling when you are physically, mentally and spiritually present in a moment. I heard every sound of nature, listened as the icy waves lapped against the shallows as a distant group of Canada geese called back and forth. I can’t even do it justice, how peaceful and quiet the park is.

I can’t wait to get back in the spring. On the way out of the park, I finally caught sight of two large bison and was able to watch them as they stood in a nearby pasture. In the end, it was a great trip, despite missing my camera and more importantly, I was present and enjoyed every moment of this special place. I will definitely be back in the spring.

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