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3 Homemade Wine Bottle Crafts For Christmas

As you think about Christmas gifts, you might have a few friends who will love to receive wine this holiday season. However, wine does not make a complete gift. You need to create a wine bottle craft that will make the gift that much more exciting. You can use any of the tips below to create an amazing wine bottle craft, and you need to remember that adding conference reusable bags to the list helps you tote the wine you have just decorated. You are giving your guests something they can carry their wine in, and they will enjoy the craft at the same time.

The Bottle Top Cozy

You can create a wine bottle top cozy that will help to cover the top of any bottle. You can knit a small cozy that will keep the top of the bottle warm, and you could put this cozy on the bottles when they have been opened before. You could create a Christmas-themed cozy, or you could make a cozy that suits the recipient’s personality. Some people prefer to give a Santa or Rudolph cozy, but others might give a cozy that fits in with an inside joke their friends will love. Plus, you could knit their name on the cozy if you want.

Wine Cork Art

When you are giving away wine in nice bags, you might want to decorate the cork or the top of the bottle. This is a great way for you to dress up the bottle, and it will make it easy for people to see which bottle is theirs when they look into the bag. Plus, you could create a cover for the top of the bottle that looks nice. Some people make these toppers out of paper, and others will make these toppers out of fabric.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

You might want to go all the way when you are creating gifts for your friends and family. You can get a basic wine stopper, and you can decorate the top of the stopper to make it look special. This is a great way for you to give the recipient something that will last longer than the wine. Plus, you can give them more wine stoppers if you have created a few extra.

Honorable Mention—Decorate The Label

You might want to decorate the label on the bottle because you want it to look even nicer than it already is. You could add writing to the label, or you could write special messages on the label. You have free reign to decorate the bottle as much you want, and you can create wine bottles that people will keep even after the wine is gone.

One More Thing About Decorating Wine Bottles As Gifts

You can decorate wine bottles as gifts and create wine bottle art or cozies. However, you might want to mix some of these ideas because you want to make each wine bottle feel special when your friends and family get the gift.


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