2.10.21 Insights

Wednesday, 2.10.21

Weird promotions continue on the internet, where certain celebrities are promoting dark content. Armie Hammer, named after Arm and Hammer, is one of them. He is mostly known for playing one of the twins in the Facebook movie. The other twin was played by another actor who looks similar.

Many celebrities continue to drop like flies, although others are moving out of California. 

#1 Almost New Moon time ❤️✨🌙☀️🌟

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

People of power are controlled by masonic authority and they are controlled to do their job in a certain way. The police force is controlled by Zionism.

Larry Flint died on 2.10.21. He founded Hustler Magazine. He died of heart failure at 78. He produced pornographic material.

New moon in Aquarius on February 11th. Year of the Ox Chinese New Year on February 12th.  Aquarius is a sign of self-focused freedom, which can be selfish.

A lot of people are seeing the pedophiles being arrested?

#2 Armie Hammie Energetic Corruption

Psychic reading on a living celebrity, Armie Hammer, who is heir to Arm and Hammer label. He is mostly known for his crazy cannibalistic recent promotions on the internet. He has a violent way of expressing himself. His personality is ancestral because he comes from a Luciferian family.

His girlfriends leaked his pedophilia interest. But he feels his acts are normal.

His family expresses their energy through their hands.

“High-Bred Coaching” which is about grooming him to be a certain way. He is groomed to corrupt what is peaceful and normal with dark sick stuff. He is focused on erratic through form that comes from his mother. He is trained to eat certain “food delicacies” that is attached to sexual acts. He feels it is normal to eat “weird meat.”

He is trying to debase or corrupt the people he is with via what his family taught him.

His father’s side comes from a very high structural position. His family is elites.

And, remember, the Arm and Hammer logo symbolizes socialism, in which his sudden recent weird acts appear to be good timing with what is going in currently in society.


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