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..  Ayvalik Turkey

 Ayvalik (Ayvalik) is a city in western Turkey and the seat of the region Ayvalik, which is under the protection of the Turkish state, located against the Greek island of Lesvos and is a bay and the archipelago of about 22 islands beautiful. On the hill above the town, famous under the name Seytan sofrasi (Sejtani Cookbook – Devil’s table) provides a look at this beautiful Aegean Islands. Ayvalik was once a small fishing village and now the most famous city on the north Aegean coast of Turkey. What is first felt in this region is the clean air. Due to the exceptional climate, Ayvalik Sarimsakli and the first in Europe and second in the world after the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding the treatment of respiratory tract in children and adults. Percentage of air humidity is only 0.5% and thus represents a real air spa.


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