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Which One Of Them Is Married?

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She realised that her student was not paying attention in class. She told Tom to stand up and answer a question.

Teacher- If I give you 5 apples, 2 bananas and 3 mangoes then what would you have?

Tom thought for a minute and answered- Ma’am the answer is a fruit salad.

The teacher smiled and said- I like the way you think but the answer is 10 fruits. That’s why you need to pay attention in class.

Tom asked the teacher- Can I ask you a question now?

The teacher said yes.

Tom- There are 3 women standing outside an ice cream parlour. First woman is biting her ice cream. Second woman is licking her ice cream. While the third woman is sucking her ice cream. Which one of them is married?

The teacher looked confused. She thought for a few minutes and said the third woman is married.

Tom smiled and said-Wrong answer.The correct answer is the woman wearing her wedding ring. But.. however I like the way you think.


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