“What’s the Biggest Time Waster at Your Work”

There are so many factors that could lead to time waster in the working place. Some human resource personnel cannot determine by just conducting Performance Evaluation. People working in certain companies or organization were not being monitored as closely as possible. At some point, they are so expert in playing around than working hard in their respective jobs.

Incompetent Employees

Some employees are so incompetent that can contribute to the ineffective result of work. They appeared to be the lack of soft skills in carrying out their respective job responsibilities. These people are being hired due to nepotism. The old system of hiring employees still exist and a great contributor to time waster at work.

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Unorganized Employees

At the workplace, an employee who cannot organize the things to do, it is a time waster. That’s the reason why it needs to create a to-do list on a daily basis. However, some employees are so confident enough and thinking they can do it without to-do list at hand. They can’t prioritize things up. Eventually, it will delay any projects with deadlines.

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Playful Employees

In every working place, there are some employees cannot keep still and tend to play at work. This is more evident when bosses are not around in the company. Most of them are on business trip. Employees are left behind and have the bad thinking to play while the bosses are out-of-town. This is a typical employee who cannot be trusted. The situation is like cat and mouse game.

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Uncooperative Employees

Employees who are uncooperative can delay the projects. These people have behavioral problems and cannot work in a team. It wasn’t the case to work solely. Teamwork is the best way to accomplish certain projects. It wasn’t ideal to work hard without the help of his or her team.

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Habitual Absentees

This is the worst case to be considered as a time waster. If an employee who has habitual absentees, then it needs to call the attention of these employees. Sanction is the best course of action or any legal punishment to give lessons to these habitual absentees.

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Written by Steven Gamboa

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