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The reason why I click on “SAVE DRAFT”

I’m a little anxious as this is the first time I attempt to submit an image.

Funny pie charts have become viral on the internet, therefore I believe this can be seen as a meme.

This idea suddenly came to my mind while making a poll and I hope you found it to be quite entertaining.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an option to save this post as a draft, which makes it even funnier to me.

Can you relate to the “pie chart” somehow? What’s the most common reason why you click on the “Save Draft” button?


What do you think?

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  1. I do save more for quizzes because well they need to be 8 questions long and then any changes or additions in the options needs to be saved at least twice (used to be much more, up to 8 saves) before they’re registered. Back then, If you want the quiz results to show correctly, then good luck, you can be saving for 5-10 minutes! SO eventually I gave up! Fortunately, these bugs are pretty much fixed now.

    I used to make lots of quizzes and try coming up with new ways to do quizzes but then well, it starts to get difficult with constant down-times. I believe many quiz makers “benefited” from the “saving bug” unwillingly because they HAVE TO keep saving to get the quiz showing correctly. Although I didn’t deliberately exploited it, I’ve never felt I don’t deserves the extra points. LOL.

    But then there was the downside of cheating, those cheating pulled down the value of Virils greatly and then 10K Virils is not even $7, if I remember correctly…

    Anyway, to me that bug or cheat is a 50-50 responsibility between the cheaters and the site. The site was buggy and often not registering changes/saves hence “promoting” the “cheat”, but in the end both groups suffered.

    • I see. ?
      In my opinion it was common sense to just save as much as needed, and not more to exploit the bug, but common sense is not common as it seems. I guessed cheaters decreased the value of Virils (sounds like a cryptocurrency now, hehe), but that much, wow.
      I understand how you wouldn’t have wanted to contact the admin to have the extra virils deducted, as you didn’t do it intentionally and earnings were that low back then.

      My first quiz was published in February 2018, the bug was probably still there. My quiz even had 7 questions, I didn’t read the rules at the time, but got it approved anyway. ?

      • You’re right… they used to be quite lenient … perhaps its just me, the admin contacted me to ask me to put more questions or more options ? And yes, Virils is something like a cryptocurrency … and it has been going up IMO … (Which is great for us) :p

        Anyway, its not that much about the value but the extra efforts … And I believe there are always losses with mistakes, just have to learn from them :p

  2. I have given up on quizzes again. I always have to get staff to help with them. Last night they responded that some of the questions didn’t match. I said I know that is why I put them in drafts and send you a copy of what it should be so it can be fixed. I guess I will give up on quizzes and only do polls with yes and no because the other things don’t save for me. The other stuff seems to work fine.

    • It often happens to me too. I spend more time saving and previewing than writing the quiz and uploading images. I think most members would understand if they saw some error in a quiz or poll, but I’m too much of a perfectionist to let it happen. ?

  3. Did you know that “save as a draft” was the bug used by the “cheaters” on the Virily platform a little over a year ago?

    Back then you could create a poll. Save it as a draft. Open it, Save it again. Open it, Save it again. In fact, they would do that 100, 200 and even 300 times. Each time they got the full value (30 Virils) so they would literally have 100,000 Virils and only 2, 3 or 4 total posts.

    It was a tough time.

    • Yes, I read that on the Facebook group. I think I also experienced that myself, it was strange to see that I got virils just for saving a poll as a draft. The thought of exploiting it didn’t cross my mind at all. Thankfully I didn’t need to save many times like I often do these days.
      Well, if it was the case, I would have contacted the admin and asked to deduct the many virils I was given, like it happened elsewhere, where I “bothered” a site owner for 10 cents. ?
      The good thing was that this way of cheating was very easy to spot and notice.
      I used to cheat a few times as a teen (not here, of course), but I made sure it wasn’t so obvious I did. Then I realized it wasn’t worth the effort, especially if being a member of a community is important to you and would never want to hurt it. Plus, being honest is generally more rewarding.


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