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Are We There Yet?

On this incredible journey let’s take the scenic route, the long way around over your mountains, and down your rivers across your oceans, and through your streams while some might ask “are we there yet?”, I hope that our trip takes quite awhile enjoying each moment every step of the way https://lmgiannone.com Log in or […] More

When You Leave Me

When you’re getting ready to leave me promise that you’ll put me back just the way you found me with an unbroken heart, a mind full of hope, a soul full of love and a psyche complete the way I was before being ravaged by the storm that was you https://lmgiannone.com Log in or Register […] More


How do I get close to your edges to fill the space in your heart and blur these lines between us across these many miles apart although we ‘re moving in parallel can’t we both just do the math and come to an intersection then follow the same path https://lmgiannone.com Log in or Register to […] More

Perfect Storm

Don’t underestimate the power of my force gales and wind my hurricane season or my monsoons within this powerful vortex spirals from control with power and might much more than you know so exercise caution when there’s about to be the most perfect storm you ever did see https://lmgiannone.com Log in or Register to save […] More

Thrill of the Chase

I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of the chase but I just don’t have it in me anymore to be the one following in tow every time you decide to look the other way or head for the exit so don’t be surprised when this time I am nowhere in sight when the door slams behind […] More

What is it like?

What is it like up there above the clouds beyond the universe where the angels sing for their new resident who’s finally at peace a new star in the sky shining ever so bright watching over me, guiding me, waiting for the day when I shall join you. Log in or Register to save this […] More


To say I miss you would be an understatement to confess I think of you every waking moment would be nothing short of the truth how can I quantify how much you meant to me when all I have left are Kodak moments that can never be relived again Lmgiannone Log in or Register to […] More


The way he lights up a room whenever he walks through the door the radiance of his smile when his eyes look only at me the warmth of his body when he lies next to me at night embraces, comforts, and pleasures lifting me up and rescuing me a sea-ravaged vessel drawn ever closer to […] More

Not Today

The days are difficult the nights are long trekking with concrete shoes scraping by with spoons riding the tidal waves the ups and downs carrying heavy burdens with nary a helping hand except my own to breathe to lift me up to carry me along so I have, and so I do, and so I […] More

In Repair

I know I can’t solve all your problems and I’m not the solution to all your pain but it’s difficult just sitting on the sidelines watching you fade deeper into the blue falling further and further away from me into a pit of darkness and despair let me be your rescue team I’ll throw you […] More