Your Guide to Buying the Right Strollers for the Right Age Group

Babies come with many needs and a stroller is one of those things that you can’t do without. The perfect one largely depends on the age of the child because they are all different in their make. A good quality stroller can last you more than just a few months and may also be used on a second child though it will not be in its best condition.

The reason why you should buy a stroller is so that it can help you not just at home but also while on the move. When you get one that can easily fit in your car boot, then you are happy to make good use of your stroller.

Age by age stroller 

  • 0-6 months – For this age, your main concern is a stroller that keeps the baby stable, well supported and comfortable. Look for a well sturdy structured stroller that has a good suspension system and absorbs the bounces to prevent the jostling of the baby. It should have a comfy seat that reclines so that your newborn lies flat on their back. You can find a stroller that accommodates an infant seat so that you don’t have to move the baby, especially when asleep, from the stroller to the car seat each time you are taking them in and out of the car. You can opt to get a slightly pricier stroller that snaps right into the car seat and take away all your misery. If you don’t travel much with your baby, you can opt to get a stroller that has a bassinet attachment that allows you to lay your little one down and go. This stroller comes with no attachments, adaptors or snaps and can double up as a mini crib.
  • 6-12 months – Your baby at this age is sitting upright so your stroller’s seat is more important at this age. The stroller should be roomy, with enough support and cushion that are adjustable offering multiple recline positions that secure your growing child. Ensure that the stroller has a five-point harness to keep your child snug and secure while you are strolling. The firm seat will allow you to stroll with your baby as they sit upright and enjoy the environment around them. A seat that can face forward or backward is ideal and gives you a perfect chance to bond with your child as you read or chat with them. If you are a jogging mom, you can find a lightweight jogging stroller that can use both the sidewalks and trails so that your child can join you on the tracks. An ultra-portable umbrella stroller is great for the moms on the go who weather the day together with their babies.
  • 18-24 months – Your baby is now growing to be more independent and curious, wanting to soak in all the world around them. The child at this age will constantly be hopping out of the stroller so you will end up carrying it around more than using it at home. Parents who have children at this age should find a lightweight model, something that they could fold and transport easily. Remember, it should still have a five-point harness to keep the wiggly explorer secured. Check for the potential pinching points that are found when the canopy opens and closes. This is a favorite spot for children and you want to watch that you don’t hurt them. Ensure that you look for the best set of wheels that makes it easy to navigate around. Get a stroller that you can easily steer with one hand as you hold your walking toddler with the other.Not all strollers allow this option easily! Do not make the mistake of leaving your stroller at home and think that your little one will walk a mile. After a few steps, tears of tired tootsies will want you to put them back in their comfortable stroller to bring back sanity to both you and the baby.

Stroller features that are a must have

  • Sun protection – Look for a stroller that has a canopy that is UV protective. This works for all ages and works best for you when outdoors.
  • Storage space – This may not fit anything and everything you want to bring along but it can fit the necessary items like the diaper bag and a few toys.
  • Adjustable handlebar – Consider the handlebar to be used by different people even if it’s just you and your husband.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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