Your eyes hurt? ….it’s because you’ve never used them

When you can see the truth, when you discover how obvious reality is, your eyes hurt because you had never used those organs, you were always deceived living in a dream world built before your eyes, so that no you will notice of the way we have been managed and that we are in some way deprived of freedom. A prison for the mind!!.


Jesus of Nazareth said “that the Truth will make you free”….free from what? What was he referring to the most emblematic man of all time when did you give us that knowledge? Without pretending to enter into a theological discussion or offend someone on religion issues, Jesus knew perfectly well that there was something that prevented seeing the truth.

This impediment is the conceptual structures designed by society and instilled in everyone since childhood transmitted from generation in generation to our times, and everything on our planet revolves around that, leaving us imprisoned in those structures full of rules and defined actions for each one of us leading us to an almost autonomous attitude where we think without more analysis we just follow the tax patterns.

Taxed by whom?

<<….. The Establishment generally denotes a dominant group or elite that holds power or authority in a nation or organisation. The Establishment may be a closed social group which selects its own members or specific entrenched elite structures, either in government or in specific institutions….>>

I quote the Establishment because is who would be the creator of the prison, responsible throughout the years to maintain the rules and modify them at their convenience, all for the status quo and the power that it represents. Although many people deny it, it exists and it is there, since ancient times where dominated the Romans until the present that shadow, that curtain, it hides the truth, that would allow us to achieve everything we want, that state where we can access happiness, without limits, out of control………that state where the mind is released to the best style of the movie “The Matrix”.




Neurolinguistic Programming explains how certain patterns define us as people, our acting, the way we make decisions, it is possible to reprogram the brain if we are not getting the results we want in our life. It’s like the code of a computer program if not you get the desired result, we rewrite several lines and the results are different, similarly happens with our processing center (the brain), we can rewrite our programs day by day identifying that series of patterns that lead us to do certain things.

It does not exist slightly more powerful than the mind, imagine in a condition where it obtains what wants, draw in his mind the whole detail of this moment, since it dresses, since he feels, since it smells, the happiness that it generates, test it is simpler than he believes. The first time that I read Power without Anthony Robbins’s limits I remained fascinated by the simple thing that is to be able to change a habit established in our mind using the imagination. The visualization of what he wishes superimposing the images of what it wants to eliminate, it is like to be replacing a file of information with other one, an image with other one, day after day, until in the reality the new conduct demonstrates.

Reading the above-mentioned book, the first thing I tried was to identify my states of negativity, once I was aware of them as its structure and biochemically work, it was very easy to replace and immediately when i detect, change of state just thinking about it, it’s an automatic thing.

If sad you are, a series of chemical reactions happen in his body and put it in this condition: fallen shoulders, weakness, slower breathing, head goes down but if you manage to identify this condition… CHANGE!!, simply adopt another position, place raised breathe deeply, increase the pace of the breathing and smile, immediately in the body the chemical reactions will not make wait and he will feel of marvel in only a few minutes) depend on you and only you be in the state you want. Try it even with the intent to contradict, I will understand that the prison continues to have his mind in captivity.

God gave us free will

We were given to be happy there was no other intention in creation, we have an internal force, a power to generate, create, to obtain what we wish, as long as it is something good happiness will bring us. Use that power to see the truth, that we are one with the universe, we are part and whole at the same time, that we are echoes in the image and likeness of the creator and we are not tied to anything, we are free and that freedom must serve us to be happy.

When you see the truth, the eyes will hurt you.

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