Yet Another Errand Day

Wednesday, 8..26.20

It seems that my life seems to be made of once-a-week errand day. It also seems like I have a particular daily routine. I wake up early to feed Gumby because he demands my attention. Then, I eat my breakfast, and do the temporary routine of taking out my invisalign, then cleaning them after I brush my teeth. I am getting used to brushing my day three times a day, which I never did before. I usually just brushed my teeth early in the morning and late at night before invisalign. I have been using the activated charcoal toothpaste three times a day, and I noticed it really does whiten my teeth. It actually got rid the of the gray stain from the green tea. I think I will continue using this black toothpaste. 

I drove to the post office to mail stuff. Then, I went to the one bank open during this time to deposit a AAA-dividend check and order a new checks package. Then, I drove to the only place that does iphone battery replacement in my local area because many people told me to drop by anyway, even if they only take appointments through Apple and they are currently booked. The receptionist guy said the same thing, which is they are currently booked and I need to contact Apple to make an appointment whenever they have an opening. I had a feeling I was going to waste my time going there.

I returned home and made an icy plant-based protein shake by Garden of Life brand. It tasted good in this humidity. It is like sipping a vegan milk shake. 

I have 2 online meetups this evening, but I need to choose one because they are during the same time. I will probably choose the photography meetup instead of the meditation one this time. 

I added a snapshot of my screen during researching on youtube. 


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