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Women are so lucky! I wish we men were half as lucky :)

I am jealous of women and wish I could say something similar in front of lovely ladies. But please do not think for a moment that I am sexist or trying to ridicule facts but I really admire what our women have to say.

Sometimes it is funny to overhear women discussing their body dimensions or size of their body parts or vital statistics even in crowded places. For example I heard a girl boasting “I weight 55 kg and I am 8 GG so yes it is possible to be thin with natural body parts”. I am not writing the exact words she used though but she reminded me of curvy Kate for sure, interesting isn’t it!

And the matter does not seem to end here. There’s been a war of sizes these days with creation of size 6 clubs, women trying to assert their superiority, reclaiming of curves, their sizes, their dress sizes. And when an Indian actress started the trend of size zero the things went out of hands.

Am I Jealous?

Probably yes and to make things worse, women being called freaks just in case if they do not confirm to a particular standard. I am disgusted at the hatred, nastiness and ridiculous ways directed toward women by women themselves for not meeting particular size of their body parts.

I hope you know what I mean and I wish we men were free as much as our women to discuss and compare our vital organs as well. Is a men’s clothes, size ever discussed or debated? Never, so why is there need to reduce a woman to a mere number?

I am really so jealous of our women folks hearing their topics of conversation these days.


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag


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  1. Well said! I’m a heavyweight, but I too grow tired of being compared to other women by women. I’ve also gotten to an age where I no longer care what they think! Men don’t have these issues because men accept everyone for who and how they are.

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