Why Choosing To Be Happy In Times Of Troubles, Negative Circumstances, Sadness, Failures, Rejection; is fine :)

So, have you tried choosing to be happy even if you’re rejected, you’re being cheated, you’ve failed a thousand times, you’re angered by your own family, you got fired for no definite reason, you’re blamed for nonsense, you’re being belittled, even if you’re feeling not good enough… Have you tried?

Lol. Whatever applies to you. It shouldn’t be all. I just like to express my idea about choosing to be HAPPY despite whatever had happened and will be happening. I know it’s scary when you think of choosing to be happy whatever the future may be to you. It’s normal for humans to say, “What if something bad will happen after I did this and that?” Mostly we would feel afraid and scared and in a fight or flight mode. But not all, there are people who would say, “For better or for worst, I’d be happy. Come what may. I know everything happens for a reason.”

The later types of people are my idols. I like them. They knew that it’s not psychopathy. It’s just the only way to be happy in the world full of uncertainties. Not secure though, but what else would you do if I were you? Be afraid and die unhappy, or move forward and be happy come what may?

It’s a little hard to do if you’re scared of what other people will think about you or label about you as a person, specially if you choose to be happy and in peace while 99% of the world grieving and crying when someone is dying or is dead.

Okay, I’m not sure about those, sounds inhumane. But how would you free yourself emotionally if not that crazy way? I would love to listen 🙂

What do you think?

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Written by Roselyn Mina

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    • There’s this movie I’ve watched, I believe it was The Avatar, the last air bender? The monk helped Avatar Aang of his grief – too many of his family and friends had died – by telling him something like, “The love of your family and friends isn’t gone, it’s still there within you in a form of new love.”

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