When life throws you curves

Hello my fellow friends, sorry I have been missing on here for awhile but things have been a little crazy lately.

I have had a few things on my mind that’s been bothering me & have no one to really talk to & I didn’t feel like this was the place to talk about it but after awhile God told me that he is ALWAYS here for me & that he will never leave me, ?that no matter what I’m dealing with he is here to talk to & help me through my troubles.

The troubles I’m dealing with is the pain of a lot of things in my life that’s going on right now & I feel so alone cause my husband don’t know how to talk with me about them & I really can’t talk to him about anything, I know that sounds bad & it is but it’s been that way through out marriage the past 30 yrs going on 31 yrs. ?

I have no friends around that I can talk to close by & the ones I can talk to, I can’t get to by phone or online so all I have is me, so I hope you can understand how that really makes things hard when things are bad & need a friend to talk to, so how do I deal the things I go through in life when there is no one close I can talk to about it?

There’s a few things I do, I start talking to God 1st & tell him what’s going on even though he already knows what I’m dealing with but it helps when there is no one else to talk to close by, next I start reading some chapters in the bible to find the answers I need, then if I still need relief I have some gospel videos that helps.

I know that there is a lot of people that have gone through things & have nowhere to turn, but God is never far away to talk to, He’s never far away to help us get through our hard times sad times bad times anytime, that’s why he is the main one to turn to cause he HAS all the answers & sometimes he rather for us to WAIT for it.

We sometimes take life for granted & don’t even realize it till we hit things we don’t know how to fix or deal with & we don’t know where to turn for help, well I can tell you that there’s only 1 place to turn in life where all the help we need is right there, the bible is our guideline in life, our life manual, & our lifeline to ALL things in life.

So what are the things I’m dealing with you ask? Well I’m dealing with a lot of things 1 is I have 1 out of 7 dogs that is getting old & we had to take her to the vet & she was put on meds for a heart mummer she’s 16 yrs old & the meds cost 50$ a month which isn’t the problem, but it is at the same time $ wise, it’s her leaving us. ?

What else is bothering me at this time? Well it’s the things that has me just as bothered as my loving dog does & that’s the money problems we’re dealing with, being my better 1/2 bought a car he KNEW we couldn’t afford did it anyway & being on a fixed income & the bills we have & hardly any food other than the food pantries. ?

You can pretty much say it’s not a good thing to be dealing with & no where to find work at our age with the way things are right now it’s hard to deal with, knowing there’s no extra $ around to get things done like we need them done & hubby is hard headed on how to make things work so he don’t listen to me on how to do it.

So yeah I have some things to deal with but it’s not going to be something god will let me deal with alone ?


What do you think?


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