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What You Might Not Know About the Queen of England

It is safe to say that there are many things about Americans that the British don’t know or don’t understand. However, that fact works both ways. There are quite a few things about England, the UK, and the Queen that Americans don’t understand or don’t know. For example, here is one little tidbit that most Americans don’t know about the Queen.

To put it in proper perspective for Americans, the US President resides in the White House. The president also has at least one private residence and often a secondary a secondary residence that is used as a sanctuary or place they can go to relax. This is often considered to be extravagant and the fact is that if the President wanted to go to a third or fourth residence for a time, they certainly could.

The Queen of England, though, has 10 different residences she can use if she wishes to. They are Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Kensington Palace, St. James’s Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Sandringham, Holyrood House, and Balmoral. 

Although many people, including British citizens, regard the Queen to be primarily a figurehead, the British government certainly takes care of their Monarchy.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • Yes. For that matter, if she didn’t want to be found, she could do it in almost any of the palaces, even if people suspected that she was there. I imagine that her guard does a good job of discouraging anyone from looking around the premises.

    • True, but the British love their queen. Also, she’s been the queen for a long time. She was coronated in 1953, so she has been the queen for almost 66 years, the longest for any British monarch. She’s been the queen since about three and a half years before my birth, though my mother was two when she was born. English palaces are also built to last and most have been around for centuries. Elizabeth also isn’t flashy about her wealth like some monarchs have been.

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