What is your fitness program?

Fitness is an important part of our life and all of us go about it some way or the other. I mean whatever one prefers to do remain fit and healthy is his choice but almost everyone does it

There are different ways like you can join a gym of your choice and exercise their under a fitness trainer or learn what suits you best and try it in your own way?

Okay, I ask the same question but in a different way this time-

What do you prefer- A costly gym membership or natural ways of exercising?

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The picture shown is a machine available in a costly gym – a costly gym that charges you a hefty fee for a fixed time.

Or this?

By the way, the natural exercising is as effective as costly equipment. In some cases you can find some of these in public parks in or around your house. Anyone can go and use it for anytime or for any duration without spending a single dime. I know some of us go join a gym as a status symbol or consider it a meeting point with friends.

I agree some of us need proper guideline for exercising in a right way so they join a gym and practice under a fitness coach but what would you think about people who go to a gym and pay a hefty fee just for walking on a gym running machine?

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Or this?

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I know most people do not have proper equipment for their regular exercise but at the same time I do not understand the need of gym membership just for walking on a gym running machine. One can do that in a park or in a ground near their house and get as much benefit.  But what about running, jogging and cycling which are as effective!


What do you think?


Written by Suny Ag

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  1. i do different stuff. walking with a group meetup, riding my huffy, going to the gym for yoga classes. my gym membership isn’t expensive because i joined as a group with family. but i think 24 hr fitness gyms are going downhill and slowing down. i also have dvd and taps from the 80s and 90s. so, i have a variety of methods, and change is good.

  2. I’ve lived in some places where it’s not nice enough to exercise naturally outside. I am glad I am lucky enough to now live in a great climate. I have seen the inside of a gym once, it’s not for me.

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