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What is Wrong with the World Today?

What is wrong with the world these days? Everybody is running around as if the devil is after them. Some are chasing after fame and fortune. Others are chasing success and wealth, the rest are just fighting to survive. Trample or be trampled upon. Only the strong rise to the top, not caring who they destroy in the process.

Every second child grow up with the dream of becoming a Hollywood star. A burning desire for the whole world to know their name, but what kind of life is that really? The moment someone makes it big with their debut film, they’re private life is out the back door. The world watches their every move, waiting for that one thing, the one mistake that will cloud their name with disgrace. Then there’s the paparazzi. Stalking them until the ‘usually calm’ movie star breaks down assaulting the paparazzi.

Celebrities being attacked by Paparazzi

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The business world has two types of people. The Employer and the employee. The employee has no choice, they have to get a day job to be able to afford life’s simple pleasures. A roof over the head, a warm bed, fashionable clothes and food to eat. They get up in the morning. Go to work. Go home. Eat and then sleep. So much for the great life that is about to start the minute one finishes with school.

On the other hand is the employer. What drives them? Success, wealth, power, MONEY. But how many employers can actually say they are truly living a life worthwhile. Half the time, they never have time to spend with their families. The end result? Children have to grow up with constant absent parents. The parents always has some kind of crisis at the company, not knowing the person their kids are growing up to be, raised by a nanny.

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In the news is only countries going to war. Leaving women without their husbands. Eventually leaving children as orphans. Soldiers killing innocent children. We are living in a cruel, cruel world. Full of human trafficking and child pornography, fathers selling their daughters to be abused.

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I came across this video recently and I was deeply disturbed after watching it, and yet, it is reality. The destruction of our planet. We need to start raising awareness, I do not want to leave the planet knowing that my Grandchildren and generations still to come will be raised on a planet that is but a mere shadow (or should I rather say pile of smoke) of its former glory.

Now, my question is… What is wrong with the world today?

Maybe it is Society.


What do you think?

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Written by Della

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  1. Seriously, I think that ‘what happened to the world’ is that too many people turned away from God. When that happens, people become selfish and self-centered. All of that was prophesied, but even then, too many people never got the hint.

  2. First, I am glad to see you back!

    What a deeply painful article. Painful, in that, you had to write this. The world is being slowly destroyed and we stand watching.

    It makes me so sad. Thank you for reminding all of us that we need to do something!


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