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What Do You Know About the Subscription Box Trend?

Imagine once a month, you get a box delivered to your door with pretty items inside which are often new products you’ve never seen or tried before. That is the simple concept of a subscription box.

The boxes have never been so attractive.

Because you won’t know what you get until you open the monthly subscription box. Nowadays, subscription boxes are no longer a new concept to people all over the world. Launched in 2010, Birchbox is the first start-up to open this service by selling sample boxes of beauty products for $10. Since then, this service has not only spread to markets in different countries but also expanded the range of services, from beauty products to food, from toys to DIY tools from beauty products to food, from toys to DIY tools.

It’s undeniable that receiving boxes of new items you’ve never heard of or used before is very appealing. Usually, you have a lot of options with the best prices.

One of the typical benefits of this type of service is that you have the opportunity to try new products which have not even appeared on the market, before deciding whether to continue using the products or not. These start-up companies always emphasize the money you save when signing up for a subscription box instead of buying each product separately, usually at half the price.

Psychologists believe that the reason behind the attractiveness of Subscription Boxes lies in the surprise with the items in each box. Just like when you receive birthday gifts, you are curious and eager to explore it. But with this service, you can open birthday gifts every month.

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Is it difficult to be a smart subscriber?

With so many choices, it’s hard to say which services really work for you. So ask yourself a few questions before starting to sign up for a box.

Will you use those items? If you know what you’ll receive beforehand, check or read reviews first. If you do not know what items you will receive, learn about the products they offered in the past few months to predict their usefulness.

What is the value of the box when compared to buying them individually? Once you get to know the products in the boxes, you can guess their true value and evaluate whether the boxes are worth the money you pay.

Return policy? In case there is some item you don’t like or you receive a damaged product.

Do you need that much? A box is not really worth it if you get the products you usually don’t use. Even if their prices are not too high, there are chances you have to pay the full price for just one item you will be using.

Can you afford them? While they may contain useful items, consider that subscription boxes are often produced to serve your emotions rather than your real needs. So if you think you really need something surprising on a monthly basis, subscription boxes are just for you.

Paying a monthly fee for a service can be costly when adding up all the figures. In order to solve this problem, you should make use of discounts and coupon websites to lower the amount you have to pay as much as possible. Then you can enjoy the surprise of your monthly gifts.


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