What a day!!

People moved in and then a few days later they find out that they can’t move in because they have contractors telling them they can’t move in yet because they gotta do more work. Then they came to your house causing problems that we have no control over and the neighbor gets mad and starts yelling like she owns our place too I pop off and say look we are home owners to so please if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all.

Our table shows back up and she went out and bought us a grill that she thought was the other owners. Plus they did the property boundaries and we gotta take out our garden because it’s in there yard. A garden that was there 6 years. I guess change might be a good thing I don’t know. Rubbed me the wrong way as a first impression don’t you think!


What do you think?


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  1. Then you would be completely frustrated living in Riga, Latvia. Ages ago I purchased a house here because mom wanted to return to her homeland. My homeland is the U.S. In short the house belongs to me but the land it sits on belongs to the city. We got crazy situations here. Anyway I stayed here even after mom died because I met my soul mate. Now he has gone to the angels and I want to return home. This means I have to find a buyer for my house plus make sure that person is willing to either pay taxes on the land or buy it from the city.


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