We all avoid Negativity

I am sure dear Virily members you all avoid people with negative attitude. All of us prefer to befriend people with caring, loving and positive mindset.

I am not a religious person but that does not mean I have no faith in what great religious people said. For instance, I have full faith in a particular expression that said people with thankful attitude get more from Him.

I am thankful to, (whatever the power) for everything, He gave and still giving. I know people who always keep complaining and never feel satisfied for whatever they have especially not making enough efforts, chances are they will lose whatever they already have.

I suggest you to review your past and think about those difficult days when you were struggling, someone came suddenly and helped you out. That was your positive attitude and willing to work that helped your cause. Positive attitude always does wonders for your efforts in keeping the negative thoughts away.


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag