How To Be The ULTIMATE Ladies Man!!!!

Today I’m going over 10 things to make you the ultimate ladies man the first thing you need to do to be a ladies man is locked down your personal presentation style you should be dressed well without being flashy be well-groomed without looking too well groomed ladies’ men look like they take care of themselves but they don’t look high-maintenance they also take care of their bodies but they don’t Brag about all those dudes on Instagram posts and shirtless selfies and rich they are a lot of things ladies, men not one of them ladies, men aren’t super high-maintenance divas they’re dudes they’re good guys that take care of themselves without being too over-the-top they also don’t take themselves too seriously, which is number two every ladies man I’ve ever met has not taken themselves too seriously they’re able to laugh at themselves when you can’t you look like you’re uptight you look like you’re just no fun whatsoever.

Number three you also should be quick-witted or able to tell a joke and take a joke be funny don’t be an idiot make her laugh but not at somebody else’s expense.

Number four is probably one of the biggest things to be the ultimate ladies man and that is learn how to compliment without being creepy compliment this is the most incredibly powerful tool you have at your disposal giving somebody a compliment is it hard to do no, is it incredibly, insanely effective in terms of making them like you instantly, yes I really like your glasses anything your hair I don’t care make it up it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not just practice giving compliments it is incredible I promise you if you start if you start practicing you will see somebody’s mood totally change they get this glow about them, practice get better and compliment.

Number five Be responsible and reliable.

Number six is don’t rush things be patient, there’s nothing that makes a guy look less attractive and more repelling and repulsive like desperation.

Number seven is smile because smiling is the most incredibly powerful warm and attractive nonverbal communicating tool that you have at your disposal.

Number eight is interested ladies, men are interesting, they have hobbies they know stuff about stuff they’re educated.

Number nine ladies, men are always optimistic life isn’t that bad, it’s actually pretty good people want to be around optimistic people think about it if somebody is negative all the time Debbie downer do you want to hang out with them know if they’re like hey, things are good, let’s hang out and be awesome together, you generally like a more and last but certainly not least a ten thing that will make you the ultimates ladies man is be yourself there’s something so incredibly magnetic and attractive about you are comfortable being in your own skin and just being yourself, this doesn’t mean that we can’t adopt some of these other traits and these other characteristics we should but the bottom line is this, if you put on an act if you put on some type of facade or you try to be somebody that you’re not it’s very easily seen through its transparent the most attractive thing that you’ve got on your side is actually you.

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  1. Very well written Nabi, my son and I read it, me having experience as I am over 50 and my son from a 30 year old’s perspective. We both believe you are correct and number 4 made me laugh thinking of some of the lines you shouldn’t use like, I like your skin, all buffalo Bill style like in Hannibal.. hahaha Good article here.

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