The UK Government – The Sick and Disabled Are ‘Fit For Work’

Today I am going to talk about something that affects many people living in the UK. The UK Government – currently The Conservative Party. Our Government at the moment are being very cruel to the most vulnerable people in our society. People who are too sick or disabled are being declared ‘Fit for work’, even when their own doctors say otherwise and they have the proof. This means that these people who can’t even take care of themselves are having their benefits reduced or stopped completely, and they are told that they must find a job.

They can appeal their case, but this can take months. In the meantime, a person is forced to attend what is known as a Job Center. The people that work there are supposed to help and support people into helping them find work if they are able. Instead, they impose a strict set of rules, if you break those rules, Including failure to attend an appointment because you are ill then you are sanctioned. This can last anywhere from a month to a whole year.

Sadly this is not an isolated case, it is happening far more than it should and it is the people that are suffering for it. On top of that, the Government is also merging six main benefits into one, under the name Universal Credit. This has been plagued by problems from the start, including a six-week wait for the first payment. This means that in the meantime people have no money, including to pay their rent, this is leading to many people becoming homeless, including those who are not able to work – through no fault of their own.

Here is an example:  A 62-year-old woman named Hazel Macrae was declared ‘Fit For Work’ by the Department for Work and Pensions. Hazel suffers from Eplisey and has been blind from birth, she is unable to take care of herself on a daily basis and she cannot go out alone in case something happens to her. The government and the DWP only accepted she was not able to work after her case was brought to the attention of social media, and naturally, people were angry.

I too am disabled and I am very limited to what a can do. I am currently waiting for a medical assessment and I am already having trouble. I can’t travel to where they are asking me too, now I am having to fight for a home assessment. The stress and anxiety are making my health worse, but they don’t seem to care.

The Government needs to do more for the sick and disabled. We must be protected, I and many others do not feel they are doing enough. In fact, they are making things harder. I would love to be able to work and not rely on the government, but sadly that is not the case.

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Sources – Personal Experience – Dailymail article


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  1. I am sorry to read about this, and for you too! Being a disabled myself, I constantly have to fight to prove my disability, and going through many challenges whereas normal people didn’t have too. Stay strong, God is looking…

    On another note, if you’re writing something important like this, use a different picture that conveys the subject of your writing, people will only look at the photo, not reading. The comments proved it!

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