Two British brother’s cultivate 1100kg of pumpkin in UK

The world’s largest pumpkin has been cultivated in the UK, weighs eleven hundred kilograms, more than one tonnes, and two brothers, Scott and Ian Paten, have cultivated it very carefully.  Both of them say that during the cultivation, fruits were given 100 gallons of water. And sometimes it was seen that in the  24 hours, weigh beacme up to 60 pounds, which is amazing.

Recently it was presented in the Autumn event at Royal Victoria Park where a large number of people saw it. Its surroundings are 20 feet and dentile thickness is as a boxer’s arm. Be clear These two brothers have cultivated five pumpkins in the last 40 years, which were 2000 pounds.

This time odd and wired pumpkin  have broken all the records, However, it is the world’s second largest pumpkin. Both brothers are hoping to make a new record next year.

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